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expresses harmony of body, mind, & spirit

join me on the living 

journey of wellness

Our health is the result of knowing who we are
and what is essential for our well-being.
We engage in an ongoing process of developing healthy habits,
a positive approach to life and challenges, and joyful self-care.
My approach is grounded, simple, and heart-centered focusing on 
nourishing body-mind-spirit awareness and harmony.
I offer over 30 years experience working in the healing arts
helping clients regain their health, energy, and resilience.
My work integrates Chinese medicine wisdom, Jin Shin energy self-help, nutrition, herbal medicine, neuroscience, somatic coaching, and heart-full consciousness practices. I offer time-proven practical herbal and plant-based solutions and lifestyle recommendations to help you create the life you love.

Working with Suzanne is an opportunity.

I would love to work with you if you.....

..would like take a deep dive to create the life you love

...would like to gain clarity about your challenges and strengths

.. would like to learn healthy lifestyle routines to recharge your Energy

..are ready to radiate vitality and positive energy from the inside out

 If you are ready to make some positive changes

then contact me for an connection call.

Contact Suzanne for a free 30 minute connection call

Wellness begins in our heart and mind.

We cultivate wellness in our daily lives.

The journey begins today and lasts a lifetime.

Make it fun, creative, and an expression of your inner being. 

Enjoy your life's journey living wellness.....today & every day!


About Suzanne....

With a lifelong passion for wellness,  Suzanne has been involved with the healing arts since the 1970s as consultant, and practitioner.

An herbalist since 1975, and Chinese medicine practitioner since 1989, Suzanne integrates her experience, research, and knowledge of  Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs, plant foods, and nutrition to support her client's healing journey.

Suzanne is a graduate of the IAWP (International Association of Wellness Professionals) Wellness Coaching Program and she combines their Core Coaching Method with Somatic Coaching and presence-based coaching to help guide clients to identify their core strengths and wellness path.

Suzanne gently inspires, encourages, and supports her clients. Through nourishing an awakened heart we are able to tend our health challenges with compassion, awareness, and loving kindness. 

Suzanne offers one-to-one coaching

and several coaching programs.

Please inquire below. I'd love to hear from you! 

Contact Suzanne for a free 30 minute discovery call


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